Clam Bakes

Prices updated September 1, 2017. Please call for current pricing.

$16.95 per person
Full Clam Bakes Include:
1 dozen clams * 1/2 chicken
1 ear of corn * 1 sweet potato
Cole slaw * Roll and butter
1 clam bowl * 1 butter bowl
Extra Clams $8.99/Dozen

Holds 30 Complete Bakes
Steamer - Burner w/ rack - $ 50.00
Propane Tank - $ 15.00
Plus $50.00 Returnable Deposit

Clam bowls $.30 each
Clam bags:
Use 16" for middle necks - $0.15 each
Use 24" for top neck and cherrystone - $0.15 each


Washed (Purged) Clams (per dozen)
Middle Necks - $8.99
Top Necks - $7.99
Cherry Stones - $5.99

Unwashed Clams (200 count bag)
Middle Necks - $106.00
Unwashed Clams (100 count bag)
Top Necks - $50.00
New York Strip Steak - Call for Prices
Filet Mignon - Call for Prices
Delmonico - Call for Prices
Sweet Corn - $6.00/dozen
Yams - $.99 / lb.

2# Bag - $8.50
10# Box - $35.00

Lobster Tail - $27.99 lb.

6 Steps to a Great Clambake

1. Choose a place to set up equipment and start your fire. If a stand is not available, use blocks or bricks.

2. Properly place items in your steamer. Clams on the bottom. Yams in the middle and the chicken on top. Add water and put the steamer over the fire. General rule-of-thumb is one PINT of water per bake. **To enhance broth flavor, add carrots, celery, onions, butter and seasonings (salt and pepper).

3. Do not expect any steam for at least the first 45 minutes. Once the bake has begun steaming, wait another 30-40 minutes before removing the cover. The potatoes and chickens should now be cooked. REMOVING THE COVER BEFORE THIS TIME WILL RESULT IN LOSS OF STEAM. The more often the cover is removed, the longer it will take to cook the bake. If too much steam is allowed to escape, the clams will not open. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR CLAMS THAT DO NOT OPEN.

4. Remove the chickens and allow them to cool. At this point, add HUSKED corn and cook for another 15 minutes. Everything should now be ready to eat.

5. While you are cooking the corn, broil or barbecue the chicken to make it hot and crisp - far more enjoyable than a plain steamed chicken. You may now serve the clam broth and baste with corn.

6. Cooking time varies depending on size of bake, intensity of heat and weather. On windy days the fire should be shielded to keep heat under the steamer. Block the wind with foil, sheet metal, blocks or bricks. For most clambakes, total cooking time should be 1-1/2 to 2 hours.